New TLDs

Afilias supports all types of new TLDs, including dotBrands, dotCities, dotCommunities and dotGenerics with turnkey technical and value-added services.

New gTLD Pre-Registration

Over the next few months, your options for choosing a domain name are going to expand dramatically! Hundreds of new Top Level Domains (TLDs), similar to .com, .INFO, or .org, will be introduced over the coming months, creating a wealth of premium domain names. You'll soon be able to register a domain that perfectly suits your website, business and culture. Those who act fast will have the opportunity to register the very best, most intuitive domain names ever made available! Individuals and organizations who watch the industry closely will have the advantage.

Afilias and its partners have applied to operate over 30 new gTLDs during ICANN’s New gTLD Program. We invite you to pre-register today for the Afilias TLDs that you are interested in. By "pre-registering" you are expressing interest in registering domains in these TLDs. We'll add your name to our "First to Know" list, so you will receive important updates as soon as they are available, straight from the Registry.

Find out more about the Afilias New TLDs that have already launched here.

Pre-registration is available for the following TLDs applied for by Afilias and its partners:

 .INC           .LLC


Pre-Register for Afilias new TLDs

Questions? Find out more about Afilias new gTLD pre-registration with our FAQ’s.